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Georgia Carys Williams was born in Swansea. She won third prize at the Terry Hetherington Award 2012, highly commended for The South Wales Short Story Competition 2012, was shortlisted for the Swansea Life Young Writing Category of the Dylan Thomas Prize, 2008 and for the Wells Festival of Literature 2009. Whilst working on a PhD in Creative Writing at Swansea University, she writes for Wales Arts Review and was commissioned by the Rhys David Trust to contribute to WAR’s fictional map of Wales series. Most recently, she was shortlisted for New Welsh Review’s Flash in the Pen competition, published in Parthian’s Rarebit Anthology, as well as the Welsh & Mauritian anthology When Young Dodos meet Young Dragons, and  awarded third prize in the Terry Hetherington Award 2014. Her debut short story collection,  Second-hand Rain was published by Parthian in October 2014.

“My inspiration is difficult to pin down because it often begins in such abstract forms of colours, tones and senses, but it’s definitely unpredictable and entails all sorts: from what strikes me as bizarre or inexplicable, to plain reality turned on its head. I find myself glancing towards the sidelines and trying not to dismiss particular subjects because I feel that every aspect of life deserves a place on the page, it’s just a matter of how you tell it. Isn’t that always the case? As expected of any writer, a lot of time and emotion has been poured into Second-hand Rain…”

(Read Georgia’s entire blog article here.)

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