‘Edgy and dark, psychologically needling and vigorously inventive, Second-hand Rain marks the arrival of a singular voice in fiction.’ - Jon Gower

“I am the laugh of a kookaburra. I am a currawong. I am a galah. I am a lyre because I am a lyrebird. I am a performer and I am superb.” 

Georgia Carys Williams’ stories are dark, offbeat, rippling with watery memories and poetic unease. From the bluest Venetian lagoon where a merwoman saves a drowning gondolier to a glass harmonica playing itself along a tideline. Williams is a writer for whom the world is never the safe place: a phantom baby growing older, a granddaughter obsessively peeling tangerines, and a deaf sister conducting music in her sleep are all brought to life in an innovative and perceptive collection from a distinctive new voice.

 Georgia Carys Williams’ debut short story collection, Second-hand Rain is available to purchase from Parthian, Amazon and all good book stores.

‘Intricate, touching and astonishingly imaginative…’ Stevie Davies

‘Georgia Carys Williams’ disquieting stories explore the strangeness of existence; its elemental substance, its “being and nothingness”.’ Jo Mazelis

‘Williams’ writing is at once uplifting and upsetting – I cried twice [...] I loved the unpredictability of the collection [...] From a lyrebird to a doomed fetus, each character is completely submerged in their own authentic world.’ Mslexia

‘[a]n immensely varied and satisfying collection [...] unashamedly poetic [...] Carys Williams demonstrates an ability to surprise her readers simply by the subtle nuances of her observations [...] innate grasp of human psychology [...] [and] her sure touch in terms of tone and modulation.’ John Lavin (Read the full review, here.)

‘Touching, mature and imaginative, this is a wonderful debut collection from an author who looks set to make a significant contribution to the changing shape of Welsh writing as her career develops.’ Wales Arts Review (Read the full review, here.)